Breaking News-Terror in Germany – Berlin

+++Special Report++++ On the Christmas market at the Breitscheidplatz / Gedächtniskirche in Berlin, a "terrorist attack" was obviously committed in the "Nice style". A perpetrator, according to the first eyewitnesses, raced into the crowd. Continue reading

About the African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

Almost extinct is the African elephant, as researchers report these days. Some of the elephants end up in markets where game meat, so-called bushmeat is sold. The here sold meat is captured by poachers in their raids. It is hunting by. Continue reading

Electric cars: Running on child labour?

Leading electric car makers must come clean to their consumers about the steps they are taking to keep child labour out of their supply chains, and be open about any abuses that they do find, Amnesty International said today, ahead of the Paris. Continue reading